4 Things From BusinesssDay’s Highest Paid CEOs of Nigerian Public Companies

4 Things From BusinesssDay’s Highest Paid CEOs of Nigerian Public Companies

My perspectives from BusinessDay Highest Paid CEOs of Quoted Nigerian Companies:

  • The highest paid Nigerian bank CEO (GTBANK) makes $1 million. That is not high when you benchmark globally, but decent enough when you consider that our stock market is small. Of course, when you consider purchasing power parity, $1 million in Nigeria goes further than $2 million in New York City on living and basic expenses.
  • Wealth is still created by owning something, not through labour. I write this with nobility but the fact is that you cannot create big wealth in Nigeria through paid labour. These CEOs’ salaries confirm same. If the highest paid banker takes home $1 million yearly, no bank can afford to hire any of the top-grade importers.
  • More so, most of the startup founders in Lagos have created more paper wealth in 12 months than these CEOs can make in ten years.
  • There is still value to stay focused in your job – if you reach the top, there is huge reward. Do not leave it for entrepreneurship if you are not modeled for it. Find what works for you – life is not just about money. Possibly, having a business card with a big brand name is what gives you satisfaction – pursue it. But be humble because despite your title, the untitled guy may have fatter digits. It is what it is – wealth is controlled by builders all over the world.

LinkedIn Comment on Feed

If you want a fatter bank account, you will have to create it yourself, not telling someone else how much you would like to worth, when you cannot create…

But again, big things aren’t meant for small-minded people, so it’s always a misnomer when ordinary talents demand for extraordinary pay and wealth, no better way to define reaping where did not sow.

Again, fat cheque is not the life purpose of everyone, so you are likely to remain miserable, even with your fatter bank account, if you fail to discover what truly works for you.

If you are modelled to be an employee, do not cross over to builders’ league, you are not likely to have many luck there. Stick to what your capabilities and intellectual ability can carry.


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