Africa, Rejoice! The Era of Exponential Food Production is Near

Africa, Rejoice! The Era of Exponential Food Production is Near

It was a great moment and we delivered a masterpiece in presentation. We told the world that the fusion of cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT and new business models are heralding a new dawn in Africa. African farmers will pivot from using the “guesswork technology” which relies on norms and traditions delivering poverty over generations to one that is data-driven.

The convergence is real and I am very excited because I am one of the people leading it. We are pushing a future on  Precision Farming and Smart farming. Zenvus Smartffarmwill work to build a new layer in crop farming in Africa.

Zenvus Smartfarm is an intelligent solution for farms that uses proprietary electronics sensors to collect soil data like moisture, nutrients, pH etc and send them to a cloud server via GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms in the server analyze the data and advice farmers on farming. As the crops grow, the system deploys special cameras to build vegetative health for drought stress, pest and diseases. The data generated is aggregated, annonymized and subscribed for agro-lending, agro-insurance, commodity trading to banks, investors and investors.

In the beautiful city of San Francisco, with legends and icons in attendance for theSingularity University Global Summit, we represented Africa. We explained to the world how I am adapting my works on neuromorphics to grow better food. This is the application of machine learning in food production. ‘

Rejoice because for more than 500 years, whenever technology penetrates into any industrial sector, productivity improves. And when productivity accelerates, human welfare is improved. Simply, poverty takes more steps to the museum as living standards tick upwards.

Believe in Africa! The era of Exponential Food production is near, Africa.

Zenvus Smartfarm was made possible via generous grants from USAID and Western Union via the ADM program.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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