all amber, Organizer of Mobile Web West Africa 2011, Responds

Tekedia posted this question After Mobile Web West Africa 2011 – What Has Happened? We just want to follow up with events to ascertain their impacts  across Africa.  Largely, the feedbacks are all positive. One said that “he truly understood apps opportunities’ in the program. Another said, he met a man that provided support during the program. And one of our editors was of the opinion that you can discuss the mobile ecosystem  in Nigeria within the constructs of before and after Mobile Web West Africa.

The simple summary is that all amber that brought this program to Nigeria added value. We particularly liked the way they used the local people.

Meanwhile, we are very excited that all amber wrote us – all the way – from UK. And we are happy to share with you. We must thank them for organizing that program. Our people got value in it.


Thank you very much for your kind words about Mobile Web West Africa. As the organisers behind the event, we were very pleased with the way the event was received and the positive outcomes for the industry. Our intention was to bring the ecosystem together for the first time and it was exciting for us to learn that several significant deals came about as a result of the event. One of the major successes was putting independent software developers in direct contact with major players including Nokia and BlackBerry.

In addition, two major developments for the mobile ecosystem in Nigeria occurred:

  1. Mobile Monday Nigeria was launched at MWWA
  2. The Garage48 event was launched off the back of MWWA

Please find below some links to press coverage of the event:

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Blog coverage:

If you have any questions about Mobile Web West Africa or any queries in general, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Kind regards,

Andrew Mowbray
Communications Director
All Amber

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