As Huawei Gives Way, Ericsson Leads The Charge for American 5G

As Huawei Gives Way, Ericsson Leads The Charge for American 5G

The groundwork for fifth generation technology, better known as 5G is taking unprecedented sweep through the US. With Huawei out of the way, information technology giants, Ericsson is leading the charge. A faster internet future depends so much on 5G, and Ericsson is laying the groundwork to see that it happens as soon as possible.

Towers have been the most challenging aspect of the network establishment, but some climbers have been contacted to install the towers and equip them with 5G network service equipment.

Ericcson who currently has 350, 000 towers across the U.S is expected to expand the numbers to 1 million in the next four years in anticipation of the service subscription boom.

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The head of networks at Ericsson North America, Kevin Zvokel, said:

“Towers Climbers are really the backbone behind the network. They climb infrastructures, whether it’s rooftops or major towers, and they actually assemble and construct the equipment on top of these cell towers that we all use every day.”

Jordan Robinson, a tower technician associate and Marine Corps Veteran has already been hired by Ericsson, to install and plant the needed devices in hard to reach areas.

Ericsson said Global data traffic is expected to surge by the end of 2023, by eight times. And 20% of the global population is expected to be covered by 5G, with 1 billion 5G subscriptions, 9 billion mobile subscriptions, and 20 billion connected internet related devices. So there is a real need for more efficient technologies to contain the boom.

Information technology experts have been optimistic and excited that the future of data exchange will become faster when there is technology to transfer data hundreds or a thousand times faster.

The CEO of Dell, Michael Dell, told CNBC: “I think this is going to unlock a wave of innovative and new business models across all sorts of industries.

“The amount of data created, the amount of infrastructure required, and then the need to be able to analyze that data in real time and turn it into useful insights and actions is a tremendous opportunity.”

Another big character who has thrown weight on 5G’s advancement is the U.S president Donald Trump. In a 5G held an event at the White House in April, Trump said that the technology and job it will introduce are not things to be lax about, “it’s a must win.”

The 5G network is expected to provide 3 million jobs among other opportunities in the American labor market. With companies like Verizon planning to expand its 5G market base with 30 more this year, the excitement to take a giant leap from 4G to 5G is real.

Although the Chinese company Huawei claims that the U.S doesn’t use the most 5G advanced technology, Ericsson is trying to refute the claim with the way it’s tackling the most difficult part of the job, setting up the towers.

Huawei was sanctioned due to the security lapses detected on its devices, believed to be deliberately designed to enable Chinese Government surveillance.

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