#BeLikeFunke, #BeLikeChioma #BeLikeFatima – Boost Revenue with GameTraction Ads

#BeLikeFunke, #BeLikeChioma #BeLikeFatima – Boost Revenue with GameTraction Ads

Our portfolio company, GameTraction, makes software which helps brands put performance-based ads across websites, apps, blogs, and games to give them better return on advertising spend (ROAS). It has partnership with Africa’s largest phone brand – Transsion Holdings, makers of Tecno, iTel and Infinix – and syndicates into games. In its studio in Lagos, it creates interactive ads (including polls, MCQs, product walkthrus, demos & product-based game ads), interactive media, animated videos and games.”

As we restart after the pandemic, now is the time to BOOST, and GameTraction is here to take your message further. Contact my CEO and his team to help you #BeLikeFunke #BeLikeChioma, & #BeLikeFatima, and and triple sales.

Begin Here – https://gametraction.net/#ads

Email Contact: [email protected]

Pardon the “dairy” typo. They fixed but I shared the wrong version.



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