BHL Solution Represents African Firms On Project Management and Contracting In North American Markets

BHL Solution Represents African Firms On Project Management and Contracting In North American Markets

The world is changing and it is getting smaller. Today, you can live in Lagos and run an American company that operates a U.S. bank even though you have never visited America. With Stripe Atlas, we have seen digital entrepreneurs that live in Kenya, make money across Africa and everything flows into a U.S. bank. Stripe took the world since it made it possible for entrepreneurs to easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe from any global customer.

As a reminder, Stripe Atlas is a service that helps you start a global business from absolutely anywhere on the planet. For only $500, and in timely fashion, they incorporate your company in the USA (Delaware, for obvious reasons), they help you open a Silicon Valley Bank account and the Stripe account linked to it.

But that operational efficiency which is possible in the digital space does not easily exist in the physical domain. Today, there are cases where African entrepreneurs cannot just do deals with North American companies because the Americans are not vast in dealing with people in Africa. Simply, even though they may be interested, they do not know where to start. And because we do not have the physical equivalent of Stripe Atlas, opportunities are missed at both sides of the Atlantic.

Consulting Services – BHL Solution serves the oil industry

Now a Nigerian-founded company in Texas wants to bridge that gap: BHL Solution is a brand which offers top-notch procurement and supply chain services to clients in U.S., Canada and Mexico, serving mainly African clients. BHL Solution value proposition is this: where the U.S. firm you want to partner on a project may not return your call or email from Africa, you can hire BHL Solution to represent you to talk to that company on your behalf.

BHL Solution is an industry-leading management consulting company in North America. We’re a global brand with a stable relationship with major companies in different sectors. Our team helps top executives to reach well-informed decisions, turn those decisions into actionable plans, and realize sustainable results they require. BHL Solution has been doing this for years; using a result-driven approach; we have been providing impeccable services with more than economic importance to our clients in Nigeria and Africa, at large. The results we achieve are not only bespoke and holistic but also practical and sustainable.

Our partners we work within all industries are leading professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in conception and commercialization of any kind projects. Other than these, we equally work with project managers, health personnel, pharmacists, designers, engineers, inspectors, technicians, system integrators, and construction managers with an ultimate objective in mind — to help you get top-quality solutions to your business needs.

Being a U.S. firm, the chance of getting the deal finalized will improve since the U.S. firm will naturally like to deal with another U.S. company. Largely, this is a physical intermediation where it makes it easier for the African firm and the American one to reach equilibrium point more efficiently on time.

Using innovation as well as technology, BHL brings visibility and transparency in the process as it does many services including sourcing and coordination of material delivery to provide complete support to clients’ projects and operations.

Project Management  – BHL Solution provides top-notch project management services for every tier of the Oil and Gas Industry.

BHL Solution Services

BHL Solution is a full-service project management and supply chain solution provider in USA, Canada & Mexico for African firms. It is a third party service provider for Nigerian and African firms that want any service done in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the services include:

  • Negotiating contracts
  • Soliciting Bids
  • Finding Business Partners/OEM, Service Provider, Manufacturer
  • Attend Client Meeting
  • Run any Errands
  • Inspections and Site Visits

Negotiating contracts: In business, “you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.” With this understanding, we can handle the process of negotiating your contracts expertly and use our bargaining power to win contracts with exceptional values and benefits for you. Our team is knowledgeable and has experience in representing you professionally in negotiating your contracts.

Soliciting bids: BHL helps you or your firm request for proposals from manufacturers, vendors or service provider after every condition that is prerequisite to bidding is submitted. At BHL, we study every project you intend bidding for in detail to understand its terms and conditions. Moreover, then, tender a winning bid for the project after taking into consideration your input. We know how to win new clients and projects for you persuasively, which will come with favorable terms for your business.

Taking care of any logistics work: In logistics, we take care of the detailed organization and implementation of your operation. Our logistics team has the technical expertise to manage the flow of things between the point of origin as well as the point of consumption with a view to meeting the requirements of your customers or company. Our logistics management approach is a part of supply chain management for planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, useful forward and reverse flow & storage of your goods and/or services, and related information that lies between the point of origin and the point of consumption in a bid to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

BHL Solution is a leader in consulting services

Finding business partners/OEM, Service Provider, Manufacturer: We have the right experience and exposure to source for business partners, OEM, service providers, manufacturers for your business operation. You can trust our staff to meet and exceed your expectations. We can get you the needed partners and providers you can work within realizing your set objectives.

Client meeting: We can help you schedule a meeting with your clients. Our teams of pros can also attend the meeting as your representatives. In doing so, we will participate in your client professionally and amiably and handle every detail discussed in the conference well.

Errands: BHL can help you run errands. At any phase of your project execution, our team is readily available to assist you in getting any material or information you need. We can also help in conveying your information/package from one point to another.

Inspections: Whether you are designing a project, a product, or a process; you will need the service of trusted, reliable and independent examination to ensure that the high standards and the legal obligations you anticipate at each stage. We have an extensive connection with partner firms offering a range of top-rated inspections services that will assist you in reducing risk, in controlling quality as well as quantity, and in fulfilling every requirement across various markets and regions. These inspection services are very professional, cost-effective and add value.

Site visits: In any project that you are executing, we can help you visit your manufacturer or vendors. We do site visits, carry out an inspection of the current progress made on the project, and report back to you. This service can come handy in helping to complete your projects smoothly and successfully under budget and lead time.

Selected Industries

BHL works across industrial sectors, some include the following:

  • Oil & Gas: The vibrant energy market of North America has brought about new opportunities for oil and gas firms that show a sense of urgency and have the agility to quickly make their move in a decisive manner on nascent market trends. As the next-generation consulting company for oil and gas companies worldwide, BHL provides a balanced approach for business consulting and technology solutions and services.
  • Business Consulting: BHL is committed to assisting you transform your business in a collaborative manner. As a top company, you have to keep adapting to latest changes in any form. Such changes could be about transforming your firm for making a judicious use of new opportunities in the market; giving a response to latest risks and regulations or restructuring to enhance the efficiency of your business operations.
  • Project Management: BHL Project management services will assist you in developing your capability to deliver repeatedly and consistently change initiatives to time, at the right cost as well as quality. We can enhance performance throughout your organization by offering assessments, tools, frameworks as well as people for raising capability for delivery and performance.
  • Engineering Services: BHL Solutions offers innovative and cutting-edge engineering services to clients across the globe. These services focus on technical know-how, on our creative engineering staff committed to the success of our customers. Some of the areas that enable us deliver advanced solutions to companies include proprietary simulation models, in-house research, internal databases as well as studying of operational technologies.
BHL Solution manages technical projects
  • Information Technology: The world is IT driven and for any company to survive in the 21st century there is a need to incorporate IT. At BHL we have passionate and result driven IT experts ready to meet your corporate IT needs. From networking to programming, we have got the best talents in house. We also do IT maintenance and procurement.
  • Construction: BHL has a rich history of collaborating with top construction and building products companies in the world. We have partnered with clients across many global as well as regional construction markets. We have the resources as well as technical know-how for undertaking any kind of construction jobs. We work smoothly with labor organizations and government agencies. In partnership with our clients, we create tactics and strategies which will bring about results across those market conditions that are both favorable and unfavorable.

BHL Solution ensures you get the right service providers for your needs and budget in North America. To reach out to BHL Solution, click here.

This post is part of our discovery series where we examine some companies that facilitate global trade between Africa and the world.

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