[Breaking News] Fasmicro Partners With Paris-Based Clam Magazine

Last week, Fasmicro completed a partnership agreement with Paris based Clam Magazine. Clam is distributed across major European cities and published from Paris. Fasmicro will become the technology partner that will help them go global and extend their footprints in 5 continents through new innovative technologies, at the cheapest cost possible.


As a leader in mobile apps development in the developing world, Fasmicro understands the terrain and will surely justify the confidence this company has put in us. We will be working with them especially on an European Union project to design, develop, implement and support a multi-year project to make Clam available in 5 continents. We will develop a world class web presence that will enable users in multiple nations to login and add contents. We will also help provide technical crew that will help them deploy specialized services as they run Clam programs around the world.


As we stated, outsourcing is alive in Nigeria. We have an advantage in costs and if Nigerian companies do it right, they will surely knock out the Indians out of the knowledge business. Fasmicro will continue to extend the limits of technology and create values for our partners, in all engagements we have. We have done a project for a Brunei based professional and increasingly, we are seeing opportunities outside Nigeria.


To Nigerian buyers of Ovim tablet, very soon, you will get Clam magazine free. We will be distributing the contents via Ovim. Clam is a magazine of creativity and you will be impressed on the quality.


We sincerely thank Clam for the confidence even as we promise to justify it.

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