[Breaking News] Nigeria’s New Satellite to Be Re-Launched in November 2011. NigComSat Tests a Breakthrough Technology on Electioneering

One of the most innovative technology research centers in Nigeria is arguably the NigComsat. Though it lost the NigComSat-1 in orbit many months ago, it has never wavered in its commitment to provide service to teeming Nigerian businesses and people. Losing a satellite these days is not a function of lack of ability, rather, bad things happen. The South African one is gone. So is the one commissioned to track the green house emission! It is just that those gizmos prefer not to stay where they are expected to stay,


In an exclusive access, Tekedia is confirming that the replacement satellite will be ready this November. And before the end of the first two quarters of 2012, NigComSat 2 will be ready. We also gathered that the well insured satellite will carry more capacities than the previous failed one.


If Mr Ahmed Rufai – the amiable smooth talking boss of NigComSat – could deliver this satellite even as MainOne converge on their submarine cables, we can be in that Eldorado of bandwidth. We expect the price of data plan to crash by as much as 50% of today’s price.


Meanwhile, the R&D department of NigComSat has also developed a new technology that can make Nigeria save 100% of the funds it ships to foreign companies in election technology. We are just getting that information. Our editors will bring more as they become available.


The key news is that we have a date now – Nov 2011 for Nigeria to be in the orbit, via our satellite.

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