Broadband Summit Announced in Lagos – July 26/27

Business World is hosting a High Level  Broadband Investment Summit under the theme Broadband as enabler to connecting  the next 50 million Telecom USERS in Nigeria on July 26/27, 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria.


The Summit will extensively expose the massive business opportunities available to do and examine the challenges facing telecom players in connecting the next 50 million telecommunications users in Nigeria as the country goes into the second decade of telecommunications revolution.


Broadband is today’s transformational technology. By revolutionizing access to content and changing the delivery paradigms for a whole host of public and private sector services, it is becoming essential basic infrastructure for every country’s future development. Yet for the moment, access to high-speed Internet is very much a rich-world privilege. To truly harness the power of information and communication technologies to create tomorrow’s Knowledge Societies and meet the Millennium Development Goals, new approaches to driving broadband roll-out across economic barriers are urgently needed.


For venue and more information, visit here.



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