Build A Tribe of Believers in Your Business Mission

Build A Tribe of Believers in Your Business Mission

I shared this during Tekedia Live this morning. It has to do with building teams. Last year, I visited Nigeria to run an innovation program in Lagos. A young man tracked me. He came with a book which I had not seen its physical version. Yes, he bought Africa’s Sankofa Innovation, all the way from Amazon USA with all the associated cost of shipping. I wrote the book!

Then, when we began Tekedia Mini-MBA and I was looking for somebody to help build the corporate side, I went back to him. No interview, No CV, nothing: he got the deal. He had auditioned for this many months ago, via his articles on Tekedia, when there was no role available.

Nnamdi Odumody has done pretty well. The one he did yesterday was unbelievable. I had to ask him, “how do you do them?” Amazing executors come in various packages. Nnamdi is bold – writing to American companies that Tekedia Mini-MBA is better than. And the firm trialed us to success. Honestly, I would not have done those letters, but he has so much confidence in our products that he penetrated a government house.

This is the summary: build a tribe of believers in your mission. Find where there are. Nnamdi will have a greater Christmas this year (lol), and we are very honoured to have him in the Institute.


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2 thoughts on “Build A Tribe of Believers in Your Business Mission

  1. I subscribe to your idea of ‘building a tribe of believers in the mission’. And Nnamdi’s story is very inspiring. I admire his drive.

    If you can’t be a prof Ekwekwe, be an Nnamdi for a start. That’s the path to getting there


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