Cabsmart Nigeria Looking for Co-Founder/CFO for Equity 

Cabsmart Nigeria Looking for Co-Founder/CFO for Equity 

Cabsmart Nigeria is a technologically powered transportation network company currently based in Lagos, Nigeria and in need of a Co-Founder/CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to scale our service after validating it’s MVP.

We are aware that parking space is at a premium here in Nigeria, and rush hour traffic is no pleasure at all. Rather than let your employees sit through traffic, struggle to find a parking place, and then have to walk a long way to the office, why not let them do their commute in comfort?

The Commuter Shuttle Service from Cabsmart Nigeria is here to make you successful. We have the transportation experience to give you reliable service, and we have a luxury ride to ensure that your employees travel in style To and From work at best prices possible.

We offer a web based platform that connects the working class, companies to a safe, comfortable, timely and pocket friendly ride To and From work around your city. Our services ease the stress of the working class running after a bus everyday just to shuttle home-office-home.

Through our subscription ride packages, you can easily book and pay for the number of booked seats. 

Interested person should be knowledgeable about Product Development, Design Thinking, Financial Management, Tech inclined and be willing to build a startup with our team.

You can write us via email to [email protected] or contact Nwajei Babatunde on 2347066647894.


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