Congrats Team Agenpo Which Turns 4

Congrats Team Agenpo Which Turns 4

Let me take this moment to congratulate one of our portfolio companies Agenpo under the bold and innovative leadership of Obinna Onyejeli. Agenpo runs a commodities & securities exchange for agro-products and mining. His exchange is connected to Thomson Reuters global system. There is no mine field Obinna does not know in Nigeria – and he likes to tease with those raw precious metals. I wish Agenpo more years ahead as it continues to fix frictions, serving buyers and sellers.

You may like to connect with him: he has made some people really rich by digging things out of their communities. 

Bold young people, serving Nigeria at a high level.


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One thought on “Congrats Team Agenpo Which Turns 4

  1. Congratulations Agenpo, meanwhile, Mazi Obinna, Polyguard lowest hanging fruits is due for eating, what is stopping us, is it the hunter or the hunted?


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