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We know many are concerned about our high standard for editors. Yet, we understand that many people have some really cool progressive contents to share with West Africans. We accept any news worthwhile contents – articles, press release, etc. It must add value and educate people. We care not if you make it advertorial. Link as much as you want.

Our platform is to bring democracy to technology and entrepreneurship reporting. If you have built a great product and could not find a voice to tell the world – just describe the technology (keep the core) and we will publish, free. We do not make much decisions here – that is why we are interested for someone to interview the palm wine tappers and let them tell us what they do. It is all technology – right? It is not just iPhone and Ovim tablets!

We are already getting hits in hundreds now and we know within a week, we will be in thousands. So, if you contribute and write for us free, you will be sure that you are sending your contents to where people will read them.

We are planning to host a Tekedia ideaFarm this year in Nigeria where we hope to bring young minds and possibly help them discover a process to build on their ideas. We want more startups. Share your ideas and let us help connect you with others in the system.

Thank you.



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