Embedded Systems Startup – The Company Behind The Genesis

If you studied electronics and did projects in embedded systems, recently, you might have heard or known Microscale Embedded.

Microscale Embedded is one of the major players in electronics design and manufacturing in Nigeria. The maker of Ovim tablet series with Fasmiro (our parent company), Microscale has assisted hundreds of Nigerian students and researchers in their projects by providing and supply parts. They also consult on design, development and implementation.

Form their site,  we have collected the following for you to know this company that pioneered electronics and embedded systems startup in Northern Nigeria, at least.


About Us

Microscale Embedded Limited was registered by the Nigerian corporate affairs commission on the 21st of August 2007. It is currently headquartered on the 1st Floor of K.C. Holdings Complex, 24, Constitution Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Microscale Embedded is a knowledge company. We specialize in developing and acquiring technologies to power the growth of the African economy.


Most goods and services consumed in Africa is either produced outside of Africa or requires the presence of foreign expatriates to produce.

Africa’s raw materials alone are no longer enough to solve its myriads of problems. Today’s economy is often referred to as a knowledge driven economy. And rich countries are no longer those that have natural resources, but those who possess the know-how and expertise to manage information and use knowledge to produce innovative products and services.

Information technology is the backbone of the knowledge economy. It runs the computers and the networks that enable people create and process information and collaborate with one another. Embedded computers give intelligence to our factories and they form the nucleus of our gadgets like phones, mp3 players and cameras. They can be found in even traditional home appliances like the TV and washing machine.

Therefore if Africa is going to solve the problem of poverty, it must master Information Technology not just as a user or consumer of its products but also as a producer.

Our strategy with Microscale is two faceted. One, Microscale will be a model of how to start-up a small hi-tech business in Africa. The aim is to show the viability of hi-tech business in Africa. Secondly, we will train others, who want to follow our footsteps. We will also provide them with some of the services they will need to get started.

Our desire is to have a critical mass of SMEs that will transform Africa’s business environment into an ecosystem suitable for hi-tech manufacturing and to make it possible for Africans to participate in the 21st century global economy as a contributor.



Microscale’s long term vision is to be a world recognized leader in the creation of intellectual property i.e. patents and royalties for the global semi conductor hardware and software design industry currently estimated to be worth $260 billion


Our mission is to promote electronics as a viable industry in Nigeria and to be a one stop shop for products and services required to produce an electronics product.


Disclosure: Microscale is a paid corporate advertiser on tekedia.com

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