Exclusive Articles To Begin Monday for Subscribers

Exclusive Articles To Begin Monday for Subscribers

Dear Tekedia Subscriber,

Thank you all for subscribing to my new book – Africa’s Sankofa Innovation.

As promised, we will be publishing exclusive articles weekly. The piece will be longer, more in-depth, and relevant to contemporary things people care about on technology, business, innovation, and Africa. The first one will be published on Monday, September 11, 2017. (Updated: we have decided to have the first this week; we will still publish on Monday.)

We will also make our database of more than 6,000 Nigerian startups and companies available to subscribers in coming days. We are looking at the best way to make that happen as the data is huge. Team is working on the way to present it in the member area. But feel free to contact them at tekedia@fasmicro.com if you want the raw data.

Thank you.

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