Exclusive – Interview With Bill Cosby Trial Juror: Split 7-5 To Convict

Exclusive – Interview With Bill Cosby Trial Juror: Split 7-5 To Convict

We just finished speaking with one of the jurors in Bill Cosby trial which ended in mistrial yesterday. According to the juror, they were split 7-5 to convict. The women overwhelming voted to convict but the men had major concerns on the inconsistency in the earlier interviews of Andrea Constand.

The lead prosecutor witness was the weakest link in the trial. According to the juror, the following are the main concerns which the 5 holdouts were concerned:

  • She waited for years before reporting the alleged abuse
  • She did not call the Police but chose to look for a lawyer
  • She did not pick up the exact data, not a mistake of days but months
  • She claimed she had not been in contacts with Bill Cosby before the alleged crime.
  • She continued to speak with a man that allegedly abused her.
  • She spoke on phone for 49 minutes with a man that allegedly abuse her
  • She visited Bill Cosby show and met him again, after the alleged abuse
  • She does not seem believable because her attitude to be visiting a married man alone with despicable.

At the end, the jurors believed there was reasonable doubt in her case. We do think that Andrea Constand is a morally deficient woman that dates married men. She needs to ask for forgiveness and repent of her sinful immoral lifestyle. A visit to a Church today will bring repentance to her soul because she is a sinner.

The lesson – never visit a married man in his hotel room, send him gifts on valentine, spend 49 minutes on phone and you think God will give you peace. Jesus will save her and repentance is available to sinners.

In South Arabia, the court will be trying Andrea for her moral bankruptcy. Parents must educate their kids not to act in her ways. We do hope her mother spoke to her in private that her attitude of visiting Bill Cosby alone was not good.

How do you feel? Hope you enjoyed this fake news made for our American audience.

Source: American Justice Journal


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