A Jobberman Executive To Teach During Tekedia Mini-MBA Career Week

A Jobberman Executive To Teach During Tekedia Mini-MBA Career Week

She is a highly skilled Learning and Development Consultant with 12+ years’ experience facilitating Soft Skills training. A change management consultant who earned organizational insights, from working with a broad variety of highly specialized work cultures and professions. 

A master’s degree graduate of the University of Aberdeen, she heads the Youth Engagement & Learning unit in the industry-king, and digital recruiter Jobberman. Precious Ajoonu will teach during Tekedia Mini-MBA Career Week, scheduled Nov 2-7 2020. This career week is not designed for finding jobs. Rather, it is structured to TRANSFORM workers, founders & entrepreneurs into business leaders and champions of innovation in their companies.

All past and current Tekedia Mini-MBA members, including those who have registered for Edition 4 (Feb 8 – May 3, 2021) attend free. We have 13 courses, videos, cases, etc on how we can plan our careers during this time of disruption. 

Join Precious, and learn how to remain a valuable professional as you advance your career. 

Tekedia Mini-MBA 2020 Career Week – Full Schedule & Faculty


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