Facyber appoints Irikefe Aniboh as a Student Ambassador in UNILAG

Facyber appoints Irikefe Aniboh as a Student Ambassador in UNILAG

The global cybersecurity company, First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (facyber), is pleased to announce the appointment of Irikefe Aniboh as a Student Ambassador in University of Lagos, Nigeria. Irikefe will work directly with our team in Pittsburgh, USA to deepen our presence in the iconic African university.

First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) is a cybersecurity training, consulting and research company specializing in all areas of cybersecurity including Cybersecurity Policy, Management, Technology, Intelligence and Digital Forensics.  The clientele base covers universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, governments, government labs and agencies, businesses, civil organizations, and individuals. Specifically, the online courses are designed for the needs of students of any discipline or field (CS, Engineering, Law, Policy, Business, etc) with the components covering policy, management, and technology. Please see complete Facyber curricula here.

Mr Aniboh is a bachelor’s degree student of  Systems Engineering in the university. He is one of the students representing Facyber in Unilag.

You can reach him through us at [email protected]


Audrey Kumar

Facyber Press.

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