FarmCrowdy Unveils PlentyWaka With 25 Buses, Joining OBus and Zido

FarmCrowdy Unveils PlentyWaka With 25 Buses, Joining OBus and Zido

There are two major sectors investment capital is flowing in Nigeria at the moment – logistics and fintech. There is a reason for that – both are easy to understand by anyone in any part of the world, and they are largely “cash and carry”. Yes, fintechs take their commissions on transactions which mean revenue is  assured. And for logistics, you pay for the services with “no long story”. For startups the battle is to get a piece of the opportunities, and great Christmas or Salah will be assured.

It is on this construct that we have many transportation and logistics entities in Africa. A new one is joining. Named PlentyWaka, a bus hailing service in Lagos, it is coming from agro-crowdfunding pioneer, FarmCrowdy. They are launching with 25 brand new buses. The service allows users to “schedule their rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destinations”.

“With Plentywaka, you can avoid the rush, the noise, and other inconveniences, while you order a ride comfortably from the app. What is more interesting is, not only will you able to order your ride, you can book your preferred seat. For some, that’s a spot by the window and for some others, it’s a seat on the last row,” the firm announced

PlentyWaka joins OBus and Zido in the bus ride-hailing sub-sector in Lagos.


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