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A golden age for the semiconductor industry

Auto Industry May Lose $61bn In 2021 As Chip Shortage Hits The Tech World -  Tekedia

This is looking like a golden age for the semiconductor industry within the automotive sector. Simply, they cannot have enough microchips.

The ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage is forcing General Motors to temporarily halt production or extend shutdowns at a number of North American plants. CNBC reports GM is idling plants in Tennessee, Michigan and Mexico later this month, and it will extend plant shutdowns in Kansas and Canada through mid-May. U.S. automakers are asking for the federal government's help, warning that the chip shortage — which is affecting a wide range of industries — will potentially lead to roughly 1.3 million fewer cars built this year.

Expecting less is folly. I wrote to my course mate down here that the players in that field are having a great times, feeling on top of the world. I wish it is my time but I think I have to wait for more 5 years before I can make sense of what that field is about.

Apart from the fact that I am still struggling to grasp band bending, least to say Population Inversion or Regeneration and combination, the field holds promise.

Need to say, we need to make our student see that there is more to the cram and pass that happen here and see that they hold a vital position in reshaping the world. But till then let me focus  I have this course- EEE205, Semiconductor- to pass.

Village boy, how did you manage to get an A in this course??