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Amazon raises the bar - fund college tuition for staff

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Amazon raises the bar - fund college tuition for staff.

Amazon is raising the stakes in the war among American companies to attract and retain employees. The internet giant will pour $1.2 billion into a new program that will offer more than 750,000 of its hourly employees the opportunity to enroll in a "fully paid" bachelor’s degree program. Staff would become eligible for the program after completing three months of employment, The Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon, like other retail companies, has struggled to bolster staffing ranks in recent months, and a record number of jobs remain unfilled nationally.

I know many may be scared about this, but it is a good one. Manufacturing has done this, so, if services is doing same, at least with what we are seeing from the mass use of Tekedia, then it fine.

The 3 month requirement is a good metric. I rose through the same path in Nigeria breweries, working tirelessly before I got funded by Guinness Nigeria. The only problem which may arise is favouritism, and worries about favouritism should not stop this movement.

With human there would always grey area, you are only perfect when you do nothing.