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[Apply] Google for Startups: Asia Tour for African Startups

PitchDrive II by CcHUB, in partnership with Google for Startups, will engage 10 of Africa’s top hardware and deeptech based startups on a tour of exciting tech cities in Asia.

The focus of PitchDrive II is to facilitate Africa-Asia collaborations to strengthen deep technology companies in Africa by creating a platform for startups

Nigeria's Co-Creation Hub and Google for Startups have announced the launch of PitchDrive II, a three week, five-city Asian tech tour across Singapore, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. PitchDrive II will enable African startups take key learnings from the Asian technology market and apply them locally to improve their businesses by leveraging on the network of suppliers or manufacturing partners that the tour will expose them to. The first edition of the tour happened in 2017. According to CcHUB, over US$4.5 million was raised by participating startups, alongside market expansion into new cities. Applications are open for African deep tech or hardware-based startups looking to forge international partnerships with Asian manufacturing or supply companies and raise additional funding. (TC Daily Newsletter)

Interested -  apply here.