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Better Plans - Zimbabwe and Mozambique on Cyclone Idai

Our prayers to Zimbabwe and Mozambique on Cyclone Idai. The official death toll in Mozambique stands above 84, and above 80 in Zimbabwe.

As I have noted, the Western world could actually be fairly okay as climate changes. They have better policies, standards and processes to build more resilient houses and infrastructures. Africa has none. So, anything, we are imperiled.

African Union cannot be talking of climate change from pure weather standpoint. Even building standards are things which must be examined. In Lagos, without any climate change, we cannot get buildings to stand up. Imagine, if these storms begin to come. Someone had predicted that more than 20% of buildings in Lagos cannot stand any heavy storm. We need to upgrade standards that can withstand more challenging storms.

Now is the time: these storms are the new normal. We need better standards on infrastructures.

Zimbabwe Strong. Mozambique Strong.