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Cristiano Ronaldo 3-0 Atletico Madrid (agg: 3-2)

Cristiano Ronaldo 3-0 Atletico Madrid (agg: 3-2).

Hail the category-kings in football, in business, and in all things.

Never despise your exceptional colleague that makes you look great. He is there for a purpose. Why? If he departs, the world will discover your true value.

Imagine Juventus. Flip Real Madrid. The Institution of C. Ronaldo

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It's now clear who the BOSS is, sure other factors are at play in every circumstance, but there's always someone who stands head and shoulder above the rest, never take that person for granted.

When we want to diminish a person's worth, of course it's very easy to come up with all sorts of arguments, including the "equality" of humans, even when reality doesn't support such. Teamwork is always appreciated, but there are few individuals within a great team that make it what it is; it's a mistake not to recognise that special thing they bring, all in the name of not wanting to upset the team's harmony, what a ruse!

Yes, on the surface, no one is indispensable, but in reality we all know that some persons are indispensable, and therefore irreplaceable. Respect talent, respect special breeds; you do not meet them often.

Like in all things, some talents don't fall under any salary scale or range, so if you want to have them in your team; just give them anything they ask for, else continue making due with your average people.