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Every Crisis Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Over the years I have come to understand that certain events happens just for the upliftment of some persons. The Coronavirus outbreak created variant upturn on the IOT (Internet of Things) whereby attention of the world had been shifted from the analog patterns of performing certain job functions, apparently, this shift has generated turns of opportunity’s for Fintech most especially E-Commerce and Tech companies.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan made $12 Billion over this period, the company didn’t get a global recognition in the past but achieved that feat when it was able to solve the need of people and organisations’ who aspired to continue doing business while social gathering are been discouraged globally due to the pandemic, the impasse made the company billions of dollars which is evident on its market capitalisation.

Nigeria’s recession can actually lead to a turn around for people who seek to come out of the shackles of redundancy, the weakness of the Naira can serve as a revenue generation mechanism with careful operating on the Foreign Exchange market. Visionary Nigerians saw the imagination of the Naira skyrocketing and they invested in bonds which is now paying off in high proportions.

It’s never too late to start, here are some few investment platforms that could help you bounce back off this recession era currently destabilising our Economic space; InvestBamboo and RiseInvest are few trusted brokers I have banked on which has yielded good results overtime.

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