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Flash Case: Airtel Africa Strategy - We Will Discuss

Just in: Airtel Africa 9 months results: Revenue growth, stable OPEX, reducing leverage, EBITDA expansion…recipe for true value.

Airtel Africa continues to thrive. According to our capital market expert, Azeez Lawal, “This is the 8th quarter of double-digit growth with EBITDA margin expansion across its footprints. This performance sends a strong message to investors that Airtel has the ability to consistently grow in double digits, powered by growth engines of Data and Airtel Money.”

If you recall, I have called Airtel a “quasi financial”  institution after it unbundled many of its core infrastructure, outsourcing many things. Today, it is investing better on customer service and with direct CAPEX reduced, it has free cash to innovate. Just years ago, Airtel Africa was dying; today, it is thriving.  In the Tekedia mini-MBA, we will have a Flash Case on the Airtel Africa’s winning formula and what companies can learn on how to grow in asset-heavy industries by outsourcing the burdens to amalgam of willing off-takers.