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Followers vs. Leaders: Business management

A LinkedIn user provides a really deep answer on how to build teams when commenting on the piece "durable companies" in Nigeria .

"Well, my view is that it is an overused phrase [micro-management] that lacks definition. Having managed people for over 25 years, not all people are the same. Some people don't have the ability to manage things themselves. They require and ask for more direction than others. They just want to go down the checklist and do the tasks. If you don't give them that checklist, they sit and do nothing or complain that no one has provided them with a checklist. They are great people, but they are followers and not leaders. Followers can contribute towards a company's progress and are essential to the success of most large companies."

If you run a business and cannot figure that out, you would be in trouble. Some are fast executors - give them the checklist, within hours, stuffs are done. But ask them to make checklists, they would call-in sick!