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Foreign investors' confidence in Nigeria.

I'm writing a text about the level of confidence the foreign investors have concerning Nigeria. I need clues on how their confidence has affected the inclusive economic growth in Nigeria. Also,I have two examples already of HSBC and UBS packing out  of Nigeria but the ecamples are insufficient.

Please I would really appreciate some help to get around these two points mentioned above, if possible, with statistics. Thank you.


Please post once - it is there. Just submit ONCE.

It is not hard - pick data from National Bureau of Statistics to see confidence measured by FDI. A you know, startups are driving growth now. They are raising $millions weekly. So, even if HSBC/UBS has gone, it changes nothing. They used to be ace, but Nigerian banks are competing better in their domains. Visit NBS and begin there. Check startup funding report.

Please send to tekedia to publish (see contact above) if possible.

Thank you sir. I'm grateful.