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How Coronavirus Affected Sleep Patterns

ADHD & Sleep Problems - Sleep Foundation

From report shared by SleepStandards.com:

We surveyed 1020 Americans who were forced to work from home during COVID-19 to see whether their sleep patterns are affected. Here are some interesting results that we found:

  • - 50.2% of Americans stated that their sleep patterns are negatively affected since they were forced to work from home. The generation witnessing the most impact on sleep pattern is Millennial (60%).
  • - One third of Americans have to work in their bedroom
  • - To improve sleep pattern, 38% of Americans have tried reserving their bed only for sleep
  • - 21% of Americans want to get more sleep in their downtime and more than half of them are people whose sleep patterns are affected since working from home
  • - 62% of Americans think that their sleep patterns will be better after the lockdown
  • - Nearly 5 out of 10 Americans prefer working from home to working at the office after the lockdown