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Huawei - the ship might have now sailed

Analysts reckon Huawei's latest smartphone, the Mate 30, contains no parts from American companies. This seems to be the result of the Trump administration's May ban on U.S. firms' shipments to the Chinese telecoms giant—many of those companies now have the go-ahead to resume business with Huawei, but that ship may have now sailed (Fortune)

American tech companies are getting the go-ahead to resume business with Chinese smartphone giant Huawei Technologies Co., but it may be too late: It is now building smartphones without U.S. chips.

Huawei’s latest phone, which it unveiled in September—the Mate 30 with a curved display and wide-angle cameras that competes with Apple Inc.’s iPhone 11—contained no U.S. parts, according to an analysis by UBS and Fomalhaut Techno Solutions, a Japanese technology lab that took the device apart to inspect its insides.