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Kenya Goes After Betting Companies

From TC Daily: Kenya is after betting companies in the nation but not really because of the actual betting but that the companies are not up to date with their certifications. No one can really stop this: if you do, they go underground and the little tax you get therein will disappear. It will be easier to ban high school examinations in Kenya that stop sports betting in Kenya.

The Kenyan government has ordered telecom companies in the country to shutdown mobile money and SMS codes of all the betting companies.The country’s betting regulator, Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), claims that all 27 betting companies operating in Kenya are yet to renew their licenses after they expired on July 1, 2019. But compliance with the order won’t be easy though. Sports betting is a huge business in Kenya and provides a substantial part of revenue for companies like Safaricom. In addition to this, some betting companies are already challenging the order in court. For instance, SportsPesa has obtained a court order allowing them operate despite the order. This puts the telecom companies in a very tough spot as it regards compliance.