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Major Hardware Companies in Nigeria

Techcabal included Fasmicro, a subsidiary of my Fasmicro Group, as one of the leading hardware companies in Nigeria. Thanks TechCabal for the mention.

The Owerri, Imo State-based company offers advisory, training and design services across Africa on Microelectronics, Embedded Systems and Embedded Mobile development. The company also makes the Zenvus, a suite of products that includes a smart soil sensor with companion app, a camera that models the vegetative index of crops, and an API suite for the former two.

In another piece, TechCabal also mentioned Zenvus.

The hardware community is doing a lot of incredible things around IoT. From the aforementioned GRIT Systems to Fasmicro’s Zenvus, which makes a range of connected sensors and nodes, the maker community are building quite a few IoT solutions that actually have the potential for massive scale.