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Nigeria Should Pay Families of Fallen Heroes As Promised

We respect soldiers because they sign up, and offer one of the most important things one can offer his or her nation: life. That is the ultimate sacrifice. A group of Nigerian women has contacted me, asking me to ask the Minister of Defense, Maj. Gen. Bashir Magashi (rtd), to help them. These women are widows and for years, the government has not paid them entitlements for the deaths of their husbands. These women are even confused because the government is paying last out, first paid.

A sample letter: “ He died on 13th June, 2012, by June next month,it will be 9years since his departure, but his pension gratuity is still pending. We've made countless complaints at the unit where He served before his demise and at the army headquarters, they keep saying everything is done in batches but sadly,some of the soldiers that passed on lately, their families have received their pension gratuity.”

Please General, help your fellow citizens and pay whatever our warriors deserve. I also want to use this space to ask the Speaker of the House, Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, to assist. You know he's my Person of the Year and his office is always helpful. Please address this and pay these entitlements.

In my village of Ovim (Abia state) - the land of generals - we have a day dedicated for soldiers. We respect them and we give Nigeria some of the finest. I call General Magashi and Speaker Gbajabiamila to honour these soldiers and pay their families whatever Nigeria had promised.

God bless Nigeria.

What do we value in this country, Nothing!

Gyrating at a new lockdown as though it's season movie, when we could simply have banned flight from india.  Then this is coming. Political  and  business bandit who have no business living amongst humans least to say taking a lead role get unrestricted pay even after their reign, upon facts that they contribute nothing to humanity