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Nigeria's Silicon Valley Startups

TechCrunch just said it: fintech companies in Nigeria have global offices in U.S. And that is what it has been. Practically, they are all American companies, legally. It is the new normal until Nigeria strengthens our legal systems.

To become a global fintech player, locate your company in San Francisco and Africa.

That’s the approach of payments company Flutterwave,  digital lending startup Mines, and mobile-money venture Chipper Cash—Africa-founded ventures that maintain headquarters in San Francisco and operations in Africa to tap the best of both worlds in VC, developers, clients, and the frontier of digital finance.

This arrangement wasn’t exactly coordinated across the ventures, but TechCrunch coverage picked up the trend and some common motives among these rising fintech firms.

Good to see that like in many other countries in Africa now american startup valleys are being done and a lot of things located here. I do not realise it's going on that fast for sure, I am all for that matter, I am traveling around 3rd world a lot for sure.