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NMA Invites Medcera to Meet National ExCO

Today, we received a really GREAT letter from the peerless and matchless Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), the association that gave ebola hell. We would present Medcera before the whole National Executive Council later this month.

We are very confident that our technology can assist medical practice in Nigeria by standardizing care, driving uniformity on patient outcomes, and using patient historical medical records on clinical decision making at scale. Also, our tools will help in digitizing charting templates, best practices (based on NMA policies) on diagnostics, medication, treatment, monitoring and more.

By this note, I invite the pharmacy association of Nigeria to send us an invitation. I also invite the medical lab technicians and assistants. We want to work with you ALL.

We have a leading healthcare delivery operating system - the very first time in Africa such a vision is pushed at scale: absolutely free EMR with AI engines that support those that scientifically do miracles.

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That's a very good one, and great catch too. Once the Association (NMA) embraces Medcera and impresses it on its members for adoption and utilization at scale; we are past 50% success penetration rate with respect to comprehensive healthcare data management system.

And by the time other major players in the sector do same, Medcera would be almost everywhere across the land. Looking good at the moment.