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'Only the visible get called'- Be Visible

This is a story for young people: the web is unbounded and unconstrained. Farouq designed and proposed a new logo for Innoson Motors, the Nigerian car company. Chukwuka broke everything, and left a lesson, summarizing thus:

"I'll end with this thought shared by Ndubuisi Ekekwe sometime ago. He said 'only the visible get called' So, for you to be called, selected or chosen, you have to make yourself visible. How? The cheapest means is via the internet."

I was approached about 3 weeks ago for a consultation role for Amara Medicare. In the course of discussion, I was curious about how I had been found. The answer came as no surprise. They had done a background check on me.

I'll end by quoting Bill Gates - "If your business is not on the Internet, you'd soon be out of business."