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Perspectives on MTN Investigations by Nigeria

This is the best comment on the MTN Nigeria's investigations by EFCC and SEC over the public listing. It has everything you need; courtesy of a comment on my feed.

"There's a difference between ethical and legal behaviour. On face value, it seems MTN found and exploited that distinction. Finding a loophole in the law and using it is completely legal. However, circumventing the spirit of the agreement (which was to give Nigerians a financial stake in MTN) using a loophole is unethical.

"The government's approach is a losing strategy because its fighting on the wrong field. It's deploying legal arsenal were it needs to stage a PR assault. MTN will win every legal spark but that's not clear with a PR campaign.

"The government currently, is like a lion in sea fighting a sea serpent, it will not win. It needs to bring the war to land to stand a chance at victory in this battle. It still does need to update the laws to stop this happening again."


Let me add - after the inauguration, the House will call to investigate the listing. Steven has offered wise words here; I hope they focus on something more important – youth unemployment - and leave MTN Nigeria alone.

Quite disturbing thing here, I have read whole that topic with the link about the investigations but I never found where they abusing the law, I simply have seen that it's something which is done in order not to do any other things about anything else.