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Renewable Energy Firm Goes Insolvent in Africa

Renewable energy or alternative energy in general will see many losses in Africa before the sector turns promises. Mobisol, an Africa-focused solar company, has filed for insolvency in Germany, TD Daily notes. Without subsidies or grants, renewable energy operators in Africa must beat price points of fossil-powered alternatives before they can turn profits. Do not expect that to happen easily.

Mobisol GmbH, a solar systems firm for households and micro-enterprises in Africa has filed for preliminary insolvency proceedings under self-administration in the District Court of Charlottenburg (Berlin), Germany. [...] According to the firm, the aim of the self-administered insolvency is to allow for its restructuring and to bring  the negotiations with new investors that began at the start of the year to a successful conclusion.

Yes, I have seen lately that the things are very very bad for now, they costs too much to install them and to support, they do costs less, but it happens in like 10-12 years term and again you may be in some losses during that timeframe. It's not only in Africa, here it cause lot of sun probably.