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Ride Hailing To Rule Lagos Transport

The best course I took in my undergraduate education in FUT Owerri Nigeria remains GST 103 - Philosophy and Logic. Yes, I still remember the course code. The professor was talking about something big and high unlike the MTH 101, PHY 101, etc, professors who only extended things we had mastered in secondary schools. So, based on that thesis, the logic in this article, as postulated by Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu , on ride hailing sector in Nigeria can fly.

"Everyday, as one person leaves Lagos to another city, dozens come into Lagos. So you can see that the population of Lagos can accommodate all - the big e-hailing goons and beyond. Why? There are numerous cars on the road: the more the cars, the higher the traffic. And the higher the cars, the more the bikes get more patronizing. Why? No one loves to be stuck in traffic."

I will only add "all ride hailing services, not just bikes!"