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Satellite Broadband Connectivity Hits Milestone - 100Mbps

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 7.53.34 AM

Satellite broadband connectivity hits 100Mbps demonstrating that satellite can deliver same speed as terrestrial-based systems in coming years. As this happens, my prediction of 2022 becoming the year of immersive connectivity remains.

Small-satellite startup Kepler has done something never before accomplished with satellite-based broadband connectivity: providing a high-bandwidth to the Arctic. Kepler’s nanosatellites have successfully demonstrated achieving over 100Mbps of network speed to a German icebreaker sea vessel that acts as a mobile lab for the MOSAiC research expedition.

This is the first time there’s been a high-bandwidth satellite network for any central Arctic ground-based use, Kepler says, and this connection isn’t just a technical demo: it’s being used for the researchers in the MOSAiC team, which is made up of hundreds of individuals, to transfer data back and forth between the ship and shore-based research stations, which improves all aspects of working with the considerable quantities of data being gathered by the team.