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Seeking to Learn About Raising Funding Outside Africa for Your Start-up?

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to raise funding for your company? Or are you someone who the subject of entrepreneurial finance is of interests? Then, I think you have come to the right place.

Part of MBA my research is to investigate why and how entrepreneurs in Africa raise VC funding outside the continent, including the post-investment value-adding activities their foreign investors are contributing to their companies.

As part of the study, I will be interviewing some of our very best entrepreneurs who are building amazing companies all across the continent.

Therefore, if you have any question you would like to ask these entrepreneurs, please post them here. (Depending on the number of questions I receive, I may summarise them into themes or rewrite them for clarity).

(Still, if you have no question but interested in the subject -) Please, watch out this space in 2-4 months for a summary of the study and answers to the questions posted here.

Thank you!