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Show Compassion On Yourself

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This is a great message: show compassion on yourself: "self-compassion is more about giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt if and when we stumble."

For many of us, our careers function more like marathons than sprints. To prepare for the long haul, with its inevitable peaks and valleys, we ought to focus on developing self-compassion, advises University of Texas at Austin psychology professor Kristin Neff. While self-esteem hinges on the momentary value we place on ourselves — which can change rapidly — self-compassion is more about giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt if and when we stumble. Cultivating this ability to forgive ourselves can equip us with the resilience and strength we all need to ride the various waves of our professional lives. (source)

That would be a message for Instacart and Uber workers who were let go recently.

Grocery delivery app Instacart is cutting almost 1,900 jobs, including all 10 of its union positions. According to Bloomberg, the company says it's transitioning to new models, including sharing its tech with retailers and having their own workers manage customer orders. In fact, warehouse club Costco just announced it's piloting a curbside pickup option that uses Instacart technology at three New Mexico locations. The union slammed Instacart's decision on behalf of its workers and added that "destroying the jobs of nearly 2,000 dedicated frontline workers in the middle of this public health crisis is simply wrong." Uber has cut roughly 185 jobs less than two months after completing its acquisition of Postmates, per The New York Times, as the ride-hailing giant streamlines its food delivery operations.