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Students - Scholarships Available

Recall that I have noted here that we have received deposits in our Tekedia Mini-MBA and after days and weeks,  people do not show up to enable us to register them. Yesterday, we did receive an “anonymous email” that one of those deposits was to support the program.

The key note was, “Tekedia, use this $1,500 to award distributed scholarships to our students”. Because it was “anonymous”, I could not personally thank the donor.

But one happened a few hours ago. Eugene Ozor shared on LinkedIn that he would like to attend Tekedia Mini-MBA to help his career development. Someone picked attention. I want to thank Franklin Okafor FCCA, CFE for supporting Eugene to join our program.

Through this program, I have learnt one thing: humans are the same around the world, and Nigerians/Africans are as generous as any group of people. If you give people confidence, trust & value, people will respond.

Students - as I have noted, email with your school email to my team; good things await to join this management excursion.

Thank you for this opportunity. What email are we to send our application to. I look forward to enjoying this course.

Use the email here - https://www.tekedia.com/contacts/

Thank you very much

I want to know if I can get one of these scholarships for my masters. I've done my bachelors with the cv knowhow information, and now I am looking to do my masters, so this is going to be useful for me.