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The Big Exam - Political Thinking of the President

Journalists working in Chinese state media will have to pass the exam to get a press card. Photo: Xinhua

China  is arguably one of the most challenging countries for journalists. Beginning in October, the government will begin testing about 10,000 editors and reporters on their knowledge of president Xi Jinping’s political thinking. The program will go nationwide at some point, and press cards—essential for journalists in the country—will be issued only to those who pass the exam. (Quartz)

  • About 10,000 reporters and editors in Beijing are expected to take ‘pilot tests’ next month using Xuexi Qiangguo mobile app

  • Nationwide exams – with sections on Xi’s political thinking and Marxism – will be held later and press cards will only be issued to those who pass

Hello, please do not share this with Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, as we can suddenly have a replica for the political thinking of President Buhari. I think there are many good things in Nigeria when you read some things out of China!

I mean that a nation of 1.3 billion runs this way in 2019 is simply unbelievable! Yes, if you do not understand a president, you cannot work in the media!


The Xi Jinping of China is more or less a Chairman cum Emperor, it's a big distortion for him to go by the toga of President; the reality doesn't corroborate such. Xi's position and influence has become so powerful, such that he could rule for life, his Communist Party isn't smiling.

As for the probable learning of Buhari's Thinking, he barely talks, and you cannot truly know what is in another person's mind, there are too many barriers.

If our president were to be an eloquent speaker with charming personality, at least you can jokingly ask journalists to imagine his Thinking, but at the moment, such exercise would be a disaster.

In the meantime, let's see how we can get the economy to grow at 5%, and subsequently we may have a little leeway to play Whot, Ludo, Ayo or Draft, with the president or his chief information officer.