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The Dilemma of Drastic Restructuring

Didier Lombard in 2010

Can you be responsible for suicides when people lose their jobs as a result of company restructuring? A trial in France will make that call.

The French telecoms giant Orange is, along with its former CEO Didier Lombard and other top executives, on trial for "moral harassment" that prosecutors say led to a spate of suicides among employees a decade ago. Thirty-five staffers killed themselves between 2008 and 2009, at a time when France Telecom—as it was then known—had recently been privatized and was busy cutting jobs and repeatedly moving staff around.

I really hope the bitches will be punished here anyway. It's way too much to ask for that even in that times. How did you go around that ? Especially with the current situation in France with all that Yellow Vests movement, I hope that "rich" will be punished for that.