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The LinkedIn TENSION of 30k Connections

Can someone explain why LinkedIn will still allow people to send you Connection Request when it knows you have reached the maximum 30,000 first-level connections? At 30k connections, LinkedIn freezes your capacity to accept new requests. Sure, FOLLOW continues to work.

My undergraduate professor just emailed me, asking why I did not want to accept his invitation. He wants to get my updates. This is different as we already have email connections. So, I explained that I had capped at 30k connections, and LinkedIn would not allow me to accept his request even though he could send the request.

Simply, I have never seen a product that causes more tensions than LinkedIn. It is illogical and immoral to create tensions this way. If you know I cannot accept connections beyond 30k, decency calls that you must freeze the ability for people to send requests to me. Yet, LinkedIn has not done that, and making people seem what they are not.

Good people, as it stands, you can only FOLLOW me: I see the requests but I am unable to accept them because LinkedIn cannot allow me.

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