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The New Call for African CEOs

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Leading African companies should come along this path. Yes, New York companies want to support low income people by creating 100,000 jobs.

More than two dozen of New York's biggest employers are banding together to hire 100,000 low-income and minority residents by 2030. The move, by firms such as JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young and IBM, was being planned prior to the pandemic and represents “an unusual pact ... to address systemic unemployment,” according to Axios. It entails hiring and offering apprenticeships to 25,000 students from City University of New York, as well as ditching requirements, such as undergraduate degrees, for some entry-level posts. The group, calling itself the New York Jobs CEO Council, said the initiative took on added urgency when the city became a global epicenter for the virus, with “underserved communities” hit hardest.