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The Nigeria's Plan To Regulate Social Media

This is indeed troubling - the bill seeking to regulate how people use and communicate on social media is moving up in the Nigerian parliament. This is a nice summary of where we are, by TC Daily newsletter.

A bill seeking to regulate social media bill in Nigeria has scaled through first reading on the floor of the Nigerian Senate. The bill named "Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation" Bill proposes a three-month jail sentence or a fine of N150,000 ($413) for offenders. The Bill's sponsor Sani Musa, senator representing Niger East Senatorial District, has sought to allay fears that it will be used to muzzle the press and curtail free speech in the country, by saying it is meant to protect Nigeria's "fragile unity". But his assurances are unlikely to do much to shake the feeling that the Bill is designed to curb free speech in Nigeria. The past four years has seen a sharp increase in the number of journalists and activists detained over seemingly bogus charges and one wonders what the state could achieve with a law that officially cements its position on these matters