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The Tesla's Robo-taxis

Tesla is going big on "fully autonomous vehicles". For all the driverless car companies out there, none is coming close to the vision of Tesla within a very short time window – one year. To make that happen, it has this Tesla board to power that future: "Tesla owners could let their cars out for robo-taxi use." Yes, open that garage and the car will go to work and when it finishes, it will return. What a future!

Tesla’s aim is to create a fleet of self-driving cars that can be used as robot taxis in what Musk is calling the “Tesla fleet.” The company will manage the apps and software. Tesla owners could let their cars out for robo-taxi use, with the company keeping a percentage of the revenue. Tesla would also operate its own robo-taxi fleet.

“We expect to deploy the first robo-taxis with no one in them next year,” Musk said Monday. “I’m confident we’ll get regulatory approval somewhere.”