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The US War College Book on Nigeria - FAILED State 2030

Nigeria will not FAIL. Yes, any book or article that writes failed state for Nigeria, and not failed Africa is unwise. If Nigeria fails, most parts of Africa will fail; out of every 5 Africans, one is a Nigerian. But the paralyses enveloping Nigeria recently as climate change and poor human capital investment clip the nation, I have to return to this 156-page United States War College tome. It was written in 2011. Politics, economy, social schisms, are our problems. And nothing has changed. Can you see how we are executing everything they predicted?

“it is unlikely any effort currently envisioned will make the population any less polarized in one generation, especially those from the proud Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruban tribes, who have a fierce loyalty to their respective tribes and traditions”

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